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I'm a Writer+Director+Producer/Advertising Creative born and raised in Los Angeles.

I'm currently employed as a Creator at Hyphenated, where I've worked full-time since 2020. 

As a Writer/Director/Producer, in March of 2023, I completed production on my second short film, "Leopards." 

We are now deep into pre-production with that project. 

My first short, "Wants and Needs," is currently in the festival circuit, most recently screening at the Hayti Heritage Film Festival.

I'm also Voice Over Actor, I've been the voice of Haagen Dazs since 2022. And once upon a time was a Comedy Writer at the UCB Theater in LA,  a Comedy/Music Podcaster, and an Actor/Performer onstage and in front of the camera.

In the past, I've also worked as a Freelance Copywriter, Copy Editor, and Creative Consultant on the agency side.

These days I spend my off time with my dog, Puma, writing/producing new projects and watching old movies.

If you happen to have a large quantity of money burning a hole in your pocket feel free to fund my next movie.

But if you want to know more about me, or want to fund a movie of mine, just reach out.


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